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Singapore Property | The Florence Residences is a modern residential property nearby the estate of Kovan in Singapore’s Hougang neighbourhood. This state-of-the-art property adopts a club-condo concept in its design. It combines well-built living spaces and breathtaking designs to offer the comforts of a high-end home, with the entertaining and diverse experience of a high-class club.

Staying within the boundaries of a monthly budget is crucial to most families. Thankfully, The Florence Residences provides a special benefit – it allows residents to give their families the opportunity to experience a club-like lifestyle without incurring country club membership charges. View floor plans by clicking on the link.


Without spending money and time traveling, children can advance their creative interest and enjoy unforgettable musical experiences at music classes hosted on the condo’s ground. Seniors can also maintain an active lifestyle by enrolling in flower arrangement classes conducted at the Ikebana Pavilion.

The Florence Residences Redefines Home Living by Adopting an Innovative Club-Condo Concept

Occupants who are having a hard time striking a good balance between work demands and family commitments will appreciate the complimentary fitness classes carried out at the Sparring Ring Pavilion. With these classes, residents will keep fit and attain their work out goals easily.


Residing in a condominium with big grounds has its benefits – the bigger the ground, the more facilities it can accommodate onsite. Given that the Florence Residences Condo sits on a big chunk of land, there is sufficient space to accommodate 128 unique facilities as well as 12 clubs with distinct themes. The huge collection of leisure options make it easy for families residing at this condominium to plan for weekends. They can catch their favourite movie at the Amphitheatre or enjoy a nice afternoon swim at the big Island Lap Pool.

The availability of many schooling options is one of the most critical considerations for many families as far as purchasing a new home is involved. The Florence Residences passes this requirement with flying colours. It is just 1km away from Montfort Junior School, Holy Innocents’ Primary School, and Xinmin Primary School. View location by clicking on the link.

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