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According to recent research from HSBC, Singapore emerges position 5 as a nation that is heavily into properties, with its citizens committing more than 3.2 hours per week looking into properties.

The survey ranked United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the most property obsessed country in the world, with adults in this nation dedicating 6.6 hours a week on property research.

The USA took the second position with 4.95 hours a week, followed closely by Taiwan with 4.54 hours, and Mexico came at position 4 with 3.56 hours.

The United Kingdom and Australia took position 6 and 7, with adults in these nations spending 2.65 hours and 2.51 hours a week, in that order.

With adults in Canada and France spending 2.08 hours and 1.74 hours on property research a week, these nations took position 8 and 9 respectively.

Singapore Emerges Position 5 in the List of the World’s Most Property-Obsessed Countries

More about Singapore Emerges Position 5 in the List

The HSBC survey studied 11,932 adults of 21 years and above. It revealed a “culture of property fascination throughout the world, with adults committing approximately 3.5 hours a week exploring online listings, going through property magazines, and shopping for homes.

In general, the research discovered that 6 percent of the participants were “intense house hunters,” dedicating more than 7 hours on property research a week.

Most of the intense house hunters think spending more hours every week on property research is advantageous, with 79 percent pointing out that they feel “in charge” as property owners while 74 percent feeling “peaceful” on buying a property.

In the meantime, 49 percent of this group confesses on checking the value of their homes on a monthly basis.

The research also found out that intense home hunters had “a high likelihood of delaying critical life stages” in order to save sufficiently for the “ideal home.”About 19 percent are ready to delay having kids so that they can purchase a property.

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