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Join Us. Join Huttons Now! We will help you embark on your road to Victory! Huttons is a Singapore-based real estate company.

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We are Singapore’s leading agency with the highest number of new and upcoming projects.

We give guidance and training to help you to succeed in your real estate career.

Established in 1982, Huttons has grown from just a few associates to the more than 3000 consultants in real estate and has rapidly gained more strength.

We put our efforts to becoming the Agency of Choice among other agencies by providing professional property management and marketing using effective strategies, growth programs, continuous learning, immense business opportunities and investment.

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We see ourselves not just as real estate agents assisting our esteemed customers in buying, selling and renting of properties, but as consultants adding more value by providing services that range from financial planning, relocation, trend forecasts and interior design among other real estate services, in a bid to bring people and properties together.

The solutions we give to our clients are effective and unique. We go an extra mile beyond customer satisfaction with our whole hearted commitment.

We provide extra for you with in-house training such as the Qualified Project Proficiency Course and Basic Real Estate Training.

Nowadays home buyers are using the internet as the primary method of finding a new home, unlike before. Potential home buyers have easily found their dream homes using online searches and listings. In 2013, 90 percent of home buyers researched online before purchasing their home while 76 percent actually drove to the homes they had found via the internet.

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Realtors have stopped relying solely on traditional advertising means such as Property Guru and ST Property for exposure.

While the internet makes it easy for real estate agents to market their services, it comes with new challenges. Now, any agent can have a website to spread their message online, making it difficult for them to differentiate from the competition.

How do you stand out from other real estate firms in your area?

JOIN HUTTONS NOW! We will not only coach you on how to create a website, we will show you how to rank. Call (+65) 6100 1778 to find out more.