Get a Condo for Less than $750k

Singapore Property | If you are having a problem with owning a freehold condo and your budget is for only for leasehold property, this might be the answer that you are looking for. A property developed by Selangor Dredging Berhad called Jui Residences could be easily bought with less than $750,000.

It would have 117 units at this condominium where buyers could easily choose from three types of units. First is the unit that has a one bedroom, second the unit with two bedrooms and the unit that has three bedrooms.

Besides, there would also be units for other properties such as Affinity at Serangoon where you can get a unit from S$676,000. The Garden Residences that has one-bedroom that are transacted between $730,000. Similar with The Tre Ver, you can buy from $730,000 too. Much cheaper comparing to Park Colonial, which a unit priced at $793,000. The rise of prices are could be seen in many properties. For instance, The Poiz Residences rise up from $750,000; which is now at $835,000. Unites in Nin Residence which is similar to Poiz Residences is now worth $770,000. Meanwhile, in the Sennett Residence the price of unit could be bought by $828,000. On the other hand, the Sant Ritz made their smaller units to a price of $835,000.

Get a Condo for Less than $750k

(Artist's Impressions of Affinity at Serangoon)

The Jui Residences will have a lot of facilities that would enable their settlers to enjoy. Some are games areas, aqua fitness pool and extensive landscaping on the sixth floor. Those people who will reside in this area will enjoy other nearby amenities. Another good thing about the property is that it is easily connected to other places in Singapore. It is just a short drive to Orchard Road that links different places. The launching date is set on Sept. 22, while the occupant can move in in year 2022.